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flag Greate BretaneWe are  the team of INTUI.TRAVEL .  Smart way to improve the trip.

Our company has been successful  in international tourism. We have been developing an on-line project  on the Russian  and CIS market since 2012,  and on  the USA  & Europe market since Decembre  2014.

Intui.travel launched a service for transfer bookings in B2C at January 2014.
In July 2014, Intui.travel already launched API for B2B:  OTA and airlines&hotels on-line booking sites

At  2015 Intui has launched the sales platform for transport companies

Today, Intui is GDS of ground transportaion,  Sales platfrom for 4000 Supplier,  Affiliate network more  than  3700  affiliates. 

Intui has API ,  what is provides the ability to integrate any ground transport service (transfer) into the sales channels of OTAs . Unique algorithm of Intui.travel allows to generate dynamic package. This algorithm searches and makes up a relevant travel transfer to any hotel, any villa, from any airport or train station.

Ready Travel Transfer from Intui.travel API has been made for each client personally. Tailor made Transfer from airport arrival to a hotel, apartment, or villa is  Relevant & Personalized. This is a chance to up an average bill for an OTA or a flight&hotel search site and of course to get new loyal customers!
In the last year our team completed the biggest challenge, which was aggregating data on major world transport operators.

So we can say that this is the first step that was made towards the startup’s ultimate goal of creating a booking site that integrates every aspect of transportation from a travelers’ doorstep to their destination.

Intui.travel is a search/booking transfer sites for B2C and also a API for B2B with strong potential for rapid growth and strong fit with firm value adds.

Our project is already working and producing results. Our project has been prepared for the possibility of rapid growth. Our team is ready to scale the project to new GeoMarkets. Our team sees the new target markets, where our designs will be in demand.
We invite investors - we are looking for investment for the growth of the project. If you are an investor with SMART money, we are open to the perception of your experience and knowledge. Our team is ready to put your experience in the development of the project in order to make a joint profitable exit.

We are happy to introduce  both the project  and the investment memorandum  on request  ceo @ intui su

More info about project

Intui travel transfer investment project from Ilya Balakhnichev

in presentaion




la flag FranceNous sommes l’équipe intui.travel.

Les nombreuses  années d'expérience que nous avons acquises dans le tourisme international permettent de developper un projet en-ligne au marché de la Europe, les états-unis d'Amérique,la  Rissie et de la CEI. Dans nos projets stratégiques nous avons le développement rapide et l’entrée au marché international.
Nous comprenons bien que pour  atteindre  ce but, on a  besoin d’investissements extérieurs.

Si  vous êtes  intéressé  par le projet  porteur au marché de réservation en-ligne qui est   en forte croissance, nous sommes ouverts pour dialoguer.
Nous sommes une équipe internationale, et  toute  proposition  de collaboration avec les investisseurs des régions différentes  retiendront  notre attention.
La présentation du projet et le memorandum de  présentation seront fournis à votre demande ceo @ intui su


presentation of invesnt project


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